MT Group is an EPC Contractor executing pilot energy projects in Europe. Company has vast experience in turn-key LNG terminals, natural gas related infrastructure and complex offshore projects. Furthermore, company is active in port development and has its sight set on development of renewable energy, biogas infrastructure, offshore wind farms, carbon capture and hydrogen technologies. 

MT Group has extensive credentials in the successful execution of fast-track projects and is able to approach turn-key projects using its own engineering, construction and project management capabilities. This includes preparing engineering documents, permitting process, procurement of materials and technological equipment, construction, commissioning and start-up. 

Over the years, the company has assisted multiple major international players entering Baltic market by supporting on local requirements and enabling them to approach and execute projects in the Baltic region. MT Group can be your local trusted partner with legal, tax, accounting, engineering, local subcontracting, manufacturing and construction abilities. 

Being ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, VCA**, ISO 3834-2 and ISO 1090-1 certified, in our work, we strive for best safety record and highest quality standard.




  • EPC Project Management
  • LNG & Gas Sector
  • Local Support and Representation
  • Port Construction & Development
  • Power Generation & Interconnection to Transmission Grid
  • HDD Solutions
  • Renewable Energy
  • Steel Structures Prefabrication
  • Hydrogen Technologies
  • Biogas Solutions

Our services

EPC Project Management

epc projects

MT Group is a trustworthy EPC Contractor in Europe. Company has a proven record of successfully executed fast-track projects in LNG, natural gas EPC projects.

Our services

LNG & Gas Sector

LNG and GAS Sector

MT Group is strongly positioned in engineering and construction of LNG & gas infrastructure. We are proud to have contributed to numerous strategic projects in the Eastern, Northern and Central Europe.

Our services

Local Support & Representation


We support, assist and lead our international partners forward in big scale project acquisition and execution phases in the Baltics and Central Europe.
Experience and knowledge in Project Management allows us tackle the major bottlenecks of the EPC and construction projects at an early stage. Instead of simply consulting on problems solution our experienced team will guide you through all stages of the energy and infrastructure development projects. Our know how extends to so far as the following topics: tendering, certification, taxation, design, permitting, regulatory requirements, project execution and commissioning.

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Port Construction & Development


Capital and maintenance dredging, construction and expansion of ports, terminals, breakwaters, quays and jetties are our key activities and interests in the sector.

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Power Generation & Interconnection to Transmission Grid

Power Generation & Interconnection to Transmission Grid

MT Group focuses on energy transition and has experize in interconnection of power cables into transmission grid.

Our services

HDD Solutions

HDD solutions

MT Group has valuable experience in HDD (horizontal directional drilling) solutions for submarine and underground cables and pipelines.

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Renewable Energy

Renewable energy

Contributing to transition to the clean energy MT Group has core focus on onshore and offshore wind turbine parks in the Baltics.

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Steel Structures Prefabrication

Steel structures prefabrication

MT Group produces custom made steel items for many different industries and construction & infrastructure sectors. We can offer you a wide range of services from preparation of basic and detail design, workshop drawings, erection drawings to logistics and erection/installation onsite.
For more on our full production range and services please visit Nord Steel. Nord Steel specialises in steel fabrication and is a member of the same group of companies.

Our services

Hydrogen Technologies

hydrogen technologies

Working to be a sustainable link to the future! Realising Hydrogen’s future role MT Group invests in its employees’ competences and know-how on this sustainable technology. Company is ready to contribute to rewriting the European energy grid, where hydrogen will eventually replace the natural gas.

Our services

Biogas Solutions

epc projects

Turning waste into resources is a significant development in the quest for sustainable and renewable energy sources. Company’s expertize in biogas solutions enables us to customized solutions meeting specific needs of different customers and sectors.

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Address: Kareiviu str. 6, LT-09117 Vilnius, Lithuania
Address: Kareiviu str. 6, LT-09117 Vilnius, Lithuania

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