Reporting from one of our project sites, where MT Group is working on the modernization of the Vilnius-Kaunas main gas pipeline. The weather has been much better enabling the team to undertake the outdoor tasks with more enjoyment and productivity.

The reconstruction project is going well and on schedule. The delivery of pipes for the project began in early February, just a month after the contract was signed. In less than three months since the first delivery, all pipes, totaling almost 17km, have been successfully delivered to the construction site.

As of the end of April, approximately 10.5km of pipes have already been laid along the pipeline route and 6km has already been welded. Additionally, 3.6km of the pipeline has already been insulated.

Furthermore, we have successfully bent the cold-bending curves of the pipeline, with over 60 curves delivered to the site for the welding works. We would like to express our sincere appreciation to our trusted partner Izostal S.A., and in particular, to Mariusz Spalek, Director of Izostal S.A., for their invaluable collaboration in ensuring the timely production and delivery of the pipes.

After MT Group completes the modernization, the Vilnius-Kaunas main gas pipeline will be equipped with advanced corrosion rate sensors, a modern data management system, and other innovative solutions, ensuring uninterrupted, reliable, and safe gas supply to the residents of Kaunas and Kaišiadorys districts. The project is being implemented on behalf of Amber Grid.