Successfully Completed: Fabrication and Installation of Custom Duct Equipment for Steam Boiler Plant (Austria)

In early spring 2021 MT Group concluded a contract for manufacturing and installation of steam boiler plant to a paper mill in Austria. The project is now officially completed, 2 weeks ahead of the contract deadline.

The project was implemented in cooperation with MT Group’s sister company Nord Steel – manufacturer of steel structures and products for industry. In total, more than 100t of steel production was manufactured by Nord Steel: air combustion ducts, flue gas ducts, SCR reactor, combustion air heat exchangers and other equipment. After the production stage, MT Group took over for the installation works.

“Another successfully completed project in Austria makes me proud of our team which experienced new and interesting installation challenges on the way. Under the leadership of the construction manager Andrius Sadauskas, they managed to deliver excellent results,” says Rasa Kligė, Director of Installation Projects.

In cooperation with sister company Nord Steel, manufacturer of steel structures and products for industry, MT Group offers full installation services. The demand for such services is growing, therefore MT Group is strengthening and expanding the team and aiming for further growth.

Career at MT Group: Rasa Kligė promoted to Director of Installation Projects

Rasa Kligė, who was previously holding the role of Project and Supervision Manager, became the Director of Installation Projects effective from September 2021.

„It‘s always a great pleasure to see how our team members are growing professionally without changing the company. MT Group is a fast-growing ambitious company that has many career opportunities for every engineering-minded professional. Rasa is a devoted and highly experienced construction expert with brave ideas, unlimited motivation and can-do attitude. I am looking forward to celebrating her further achievements at MT Group,” says Simonas Kunickas, CEO of MT Group

Rasa Kligė joined MT Group back in 2019 when she was recently returned from several years of living and working in France where she had led major projects in a construction company. Before that, she worked in several Lithuanian construction companies and was a part of well-known projects such as Klaipeda sports and entertainment center Švyturio Arena and others.

In her new role, Rasa Kligė will be responsible for installation projects. In cooperation with sister company Nord Steel, manufacturer of steel structures and products for industry, MT Group has started to offer full installation services. The demand for such services is growing, therefore R. Kligė is expanding her team and aiming for further growth.

“I appreciate the trust and opportunity to create more value for the company. Both myself and the management of the company recognized the potential of the activities that I have been managing for the last few years at MT Group and it was natural to take this part of the business to the next level,” says Rasa Kligė, the newly appointed Director of Installation projects.

Rasa, your story sounds very inspiring! What is your career recipe for success?

First, you need to choose an activity that your heart and mind love. Bring responsibility, diligence, undying passion into your work. Keep growing and learning not only in your field of activity but expand your knowledge in other areas too, as it helps you to have a more global perspective.

What about your free time, if there’s any left? What are your favorite activities to keep your mind off work?

My greatest passion has always been reading. I have a huge library, which is constantly being updated with new books - business, psychology, fiction.

My second biggest passion at the moment is painting – standing at the easel makes me rest or rethink some work-related questions. Over the past two years, I have participated in 2 joint exhibitions, donated couple of my works to the Family Home for children with cancer and their relatives, founded by Moms Union. It’s nice to know that some of my works are hanging in Vilnius restaurants.

A couple of years ago I got my dream dog Corgi Berry – we are spending our free time together. She is well socialized and takes part in all company’s team building events, Berry also helps out at the MT Group office – lifting the team spirit with her enthusiasm and energy.

Successfully Completed: Puiatu-Navesti Pipe Section replacement (Estonia)

In April 2021 MT Group concluded a contract with an Estonian electricity and gas system operator Elering for the replacement of Puiatu-Navesti pipe section (DN700) on the Tallinn-Vireš natural gas transmission pipeline. The construction works are now fully completed.

As the General contractor, MT Group was responsible for designing the profile of a new pipe section including temporary and permanent under-road passage. More than 66 pipe spools had to be carefully transported from the Client’s warehouse to the site and prepared for replacement.

„During the pressure testing activities and even at the preparation stage of it – the sun did not spare its rays and it looked like it just hung right over the worksite, thus it was important to take necessary measures in order to prevent temperature and pressure spikes and variations. Light grey 15mm thick protection mat has been used to cover up full pipe string. Dealing with the heat was the biggest challenge throughout the whole project,“ says Aleksandr Vysockij, Project Manager.

During the final stage, the pipes were coated and lowered into the trench. MT Group managed to complete overall tie-in works a few days before the contractual deadline, which means Pipeline Operator Elering could continue with the flow and pressure sooner than expected.


Baltic Pipe: Construction Works in Progress

MT Group is constructing an onshore gas pipeline for the Baltic Pipe project in Poland. The contract was signed with Polish gas transmission system operator GAZ-SYSTEM.

The onshore part of the Baltic Pipe project is divided into several key elements including the construction of 41km length pipeline section between Niechorze and Płoty, the Receiving Terminal in Konarzewo, Gas Transmission Station in Ploty and line valve stations.

On the pipeline section almost 30km of pipes have already been welded, over 500 curves have been bent. More than 22km of the pipeline is already lowered in the trench with backfilling works ongoing.

We are happy to announce that over the past few months construction works on other important parts of the project picked up the speed, particularly in the area of Konarzewo and Płoty stations, where construction of buildings’ and piping foundations have been commenced, as well as the construction of access road and erection of other engineering networks.

Most importantly, ordered materials are already arriving on-site allowing welding crews to start welding activities in Konarzewo and Ploty areas, which is another significant milestone towards timely execution of the works.

“We are executing the project in a really challenging and COVID impacted environment. Not only it had imposed various obstacles related to personnel management, testing and travel restrictions, but it also significantly disrupted the entire supply chain for construction materials and particularly special technological equipment. We had to deal with prolonged delivery time and are still coping with delays to deliver components in a timely manner. I am particularly proud of our procurement team, which raise to the challenge and went great lengths to order major long-lead items. Despite many adversities, we are still on a good path to implement the project in a timely manner and to satisfaction of our client Gaz System,“ says Simonas Kunickas, General Manager of MT Group.

Almost 64 million Eur value contract was signed in November 2020. The construction works are expected to be completed by September 2022.

The Baltic Pipe project is a strategic natural gas infrastructure project aiming to create a new gas supply corridor in the European market. The investment will enable the transportation of gas from Norway to the Danish and Polish markets, as well as to end-users in neighboring countries.

Photo credits: Energinet / Palle Peter Skov and MT Group.

Manufacturing and Erection of Ducts for Göteborg Energi plant in Sweden

Continuing successful geographical expansion, MT Group signs a contract to manufacture and erect duct equipment for Göteborg Energi plant in Sweden.

„This strategic project marks our entry into the Swedish market and strengthens MT Group positions in the Scandinavian region. Having the trust to be among the contractors who are building Göteborg Energi hot water plant proves MT Group’s credibility and extremely high manufacturing standards,” says Simonas Kunickas, CEO of MT Group.

Under this contract, MT Group is responsible for the delivery and erection of new flue gas as well as the air duct system for the renovation of an old boiler at the Göteborg Energi hot water plant.

MT Group is also delivering and erecting ducting equipment: ECO Hooper, SCR – ECO duct, air duct, flue duct and more. All the steel structures are being manufactured by another group company Nord Steel.

Works on site have already started and are expected to be completed in mid Autumn 2021.

Heavy Lifting: 21t Cyclones Successfully Erected 22m Above the Ground

Earlier this year, MT Group signed a project to manufacture and erect duct equipment for a steam boiler plant (Austria). The contract is being implemented by MT Group, working hand in hand with another group company – steel manufacturer Nord Steel.

In total, more than 100t of steel production was manufactured by Nord Steel: air combustion ducts, flue gas ducts, SCR reactor, combustion air heat exchangers and other equipment. Over the last few months, MT Group has been working on-site – taking care of the installation part of the project.

“We have just finished the most challenging part where we had to install two 21t weight, 16m height cyclones, that had to be erected in 22 m above the ground. In addition to its impressive measures, the lift had to be completely vertical making the task even more delicate. Luckily, everything went well, the cyclones are now in place, ready to be launched” says Simonas Kunickas, General Manager of MT Group.

There are other physical activities on the construction site that are not directly related to heavy installation works – the whole construction area is large, therefore a great part of the staff brought bicycles, scooters and other two-wheeled vehicles to improve and speed up mobility around the object. Practical and healthy!

The project is being implemented according to the schedule. The steam boiler plant will be fully erected and functional by the end of August 2021.

Celebrating World Environment Day: How does Energy Sector Shift to Green Solutions?

Every year on June 5, the United Nations commemorates World Environment Day to encourage environmental awareness and action across the world. Being a part of the energy and heavy industry sectors MT Group is embracing the responsibility to strive for environmental solutions in all and every project.

Green solutions are encoded in MT Group’s DNA since more than 80 % of the company’s projects are related to natural gas infrastructure – the most environmentally friendly form of energy so far.

„As a company, operating in numerous European countries for more than a decade, we have seen a lot of positive changes in terms of environmental protection. The whole energy sector is shifting towards more sustainable energy resources, challenging businesses to keep up with ambitious environmental goals. Energy infrastructure projects aiming to minimize environmental footprint are becoming more important every year. It is always a pleasure to contribute to the industrial transition to greener solutions” says Simonas Kunickas, General Manager of MT Group.

Clean energy is our future, therefore it's just a matter of little time when natural gas infrastructure shifts to hydrogen – zero-carbon fuel burned with oxygen. MT Group is ready to lead the way and contribute to rewriting the European energy grid.

Our key steps towards environmental protection:

  • Introducing up-to-date solutions that are beneficial to environmental protection
  • Producing green power
  • Choosing business positioning directed to environmental projects
  • Minimizing hazardous waste in every production and construction processes
  • Saving natural environment on every construction site
  • Encouraging employees to choose the environmentally friendly lifestyle
  • Sorting waste for recycling or utilization in the construction sites and our offices
  • Setting high standards for our subcontractors and suppliers

Newly appointed Executive Director of MT Group – Dr. Kristina Norvaišienė

Dr. Kristina Norvaišienė, holding her degree in Power and Thermal Engineering, has joined the management team of MT Group.

“Strengthening the management team is one of our strategic priorities since MT Group is rapidly expanding its activities and looking for new business directions. I believe in Kristina’s competencies and valuable management experience, therefore I have no doubt that this team adjustment will bring significant changes in both the company's management and business development“ says Simonas Kunickas, General Manager of MT Group.

For the last 15 years, Dr. Kristina Norvaišienė worked for the engineering company Ardynas, for the last 3 years as Managing Director. Dr. Kristina Norvaišienė took part in the implementation of several projects of national importance in the energy sector both in Lithuania and in other Baltic countries.

“My decision to join the young but strong and ambitious MT Group team came with no doubt. I believe in MT Group‘s potential to grow and I trust the team of professionals working here. Together we will strive to grow the ongoing project portfolio and look for new business opportunities“ says Dr. Kristina Norvaišienė.

At the end of 2020, MT Group signed 64 million Eur value contract for the construction of the onshore gas pipeline for the Baltic Pipe project in Poland. The company is also performing Lithuania’s gas transmission system modernization works under the contract with Lithuanian gas transmission system operator Amber Grid. The geography of company’s activities cover the Baltics, Scandinavia and Central Europe.

Ambitious Vision: Dedicated Hydrogen Transport Infrastructure Across Europe

Gas infrastructure companies united under the European Hydrogen Backbone (EHB) initiative proposes a hydrogen network of 40 000km by 2040, with further growth expected after 2040. This grid connects 21 European countries. MT Group's trusted partner Elering covers the Estonian market which could function as a transit corridor in order to transport major amounts of renewable energy from Finland via Estonia to Central Europe.

Realising Hydrogen’s future role MT Group invests in its employees’ competencies and know-how on this future technology. The company is ready to contribute to rewriting the European energy grid, where hydrogen will eventually replace natural gas. Clean energy is our future.
hydrogen technologies

MT Group Signed Contract for Replacement of Puiatu-Navesti Pipe Section (Estonia)

MT Group has concluded a contract with an Estonian electricity and gas system operator Elering for the replacement of a pipe section on the Tallinn-Vireš natural gas transmission pipeline.

The scope of the contract includes the replacement of more than 800 m of the underground pipeline section between Puiatu and Navesti.

"It has been several years since we entered the Estonian market and had our first project with Elering. During that time our team has successfully accomplished several different projects and established its presence in Estonia. Considering valuable experience gained during this stretch we feel ready to further contribute to Estonia’s energy infrastructure improvements. It is always a great pleasure to work with Elering and we are delighted to start another EPC project in Estonia which is a continuation of our commitment to perform projects to satisfaction of our clients,” says Simonas Kunickas, CEO of MT Group.

The contract was signed in April 2021and construction works are expected to be completed in Fall 2021.