The MT Group team has been progressing at a fast pace and significant milestones were achieved.

Firstly, the forest area within the pipeline’s territory was cleared. Furthermore, over 6km of pipes have already been transported and laid along the pipeline route and welding works were commenced. This is a significant accomplishment as it represents a considerable portion of the total pipeline’s length. These works signify the beginning of the physical reconstruction of the pipeline. With the welding process underway, the project is on track to meet the ambitious timeline set for its completion.

MT Group is modernizing the nearly 15km long DN700 gas pipeline in Kaunas district municipality. The upgraded pipeline will have advanced corrosion rate sensors, a modern data management system, and other innovative solutions. After reconstruction, the pipeline will ensure uninterrupted, reliable, and safe gas supply.

MT Group is excited to be contributing to another strategic project for Lithuania, following the successful completion of other major energy independence projects in the Baltic States.

The project is being implemented on the order of Amber Grid.