The Vilnius-Kaunas Main Gas Pipeline Reconstruction Project! The project is moving ahead quickly, and MT Group team has reached some impressive milestones since the last update.

More than 85% of the pipeline has already been successfully welded, bringing us closer to the completion of this crucial infrastructure project.

Furthermore, all the necessary fittings for the pipeline have been manufactured and delivered to the site. Our team has been diligently excavating the trench for pipeline installation. We are happy to announce that all four road crossing casing pipes have been installed, and one section of the pipeline has already been pulled into place.

Upon the project’s completion, the Vilnius-Kaunas main gas pipeline will feature advanced elements, including corrosion detection sensors and a modern data management system. These enhancements will ensure a dependable and uninterrupted gas supply. The project is being carried out on behalf of Amber Grid.

We remain fully committed to delivering excellence and completing the project as scheduled.