VCA certification completed! After months of preparation and intensive certification process, MT Group finally holds the certificate by EBN Certification B.V., confirming that the company’s safety management system meets with the requirements of Safety Checklist Contractors SCC, VCA** 2017/6.0.

VCA stands for the ‘Veiligheidschecklist Aannemer’ (Safety Checklist for Contractors). Although VCA is not a legal requirement, it is recognized as a general standard within many industry sectors.

This certificate is released for the installation of pipes, pipe supports, pressure vessels, technological equipment and assembly of steel structures in The Netherlands and Belgium.

For MT Group, this certificate is essential to continue working on the Zeebrugge terminal capacity increase project. At the end of 2021 MT Group signed a EUR 14 million contract with the Belgian operator of the natural gas transmission system to expand the operational volume of the Zeebrugge LNG terminal while significantly reducing the facility’s environmental footprint.