MT Group has launched its Internship Program, specifically aimed to talented and motivated students of Laukuva Norbertas Velius High School, located in a small Lithuanian town Laukuva. After the visit to the school and presentation of the company and its projects, MT Group has already received several applications from the motivated students. By the summer 2021 the company is planning to invite up to 5 students for the internship.

The selected interns will be offered a full support in gaining their job experience, as well as motivating scholarships and accommodation in Vilnius, Lithuania, where MT Group head office is located.

During the event in Laukuva Norbertas Velius High School, MT Group team members shared their personal experience of entering the job market and climbing career ladders. They also shared insights about MT Group working culture, motivating atmosphere and what this company has to offer for young and hardworking specialists. Mindaugas Zakaras, who is the founder of MT Group and also a former student of Laukuva Norbertas Velius High school, told his personal story and encouraged young students to work hard for their dreams. According to him, there’s no other way in order to succeed in life – you have to study hard, know foreign languages and aim for not less than 120 % at all you do.

The presentation was followed by various questions, thus leaving a feeling of caught inspiration. After running a blitz test of general knowledge 2 laptops were given for the brightest students. Event left students motivated and excited about their future careers.