In April 2021 MT Group concluded a contract with an Estonian electricity and gas system operator Elering for the replacement of Puiatu-Navesti pipe section (DN700) on the Tallinn-Vireš natural gas transmission pipeline. The construction works are now fully completed.

As the General contractor, MT Group was responsible for designing the profile of a new pipe section including temporary and permanent under-road passage. More than 66 pipe spools had to be carefully transported from the Client’s warehouse to the site and prepared for replacement.

„During the pressure testing activities and even at the preparation stage of it – the sun did not spare its rays and it looked like it just hung right over the worksite, thus it was important to take necessary measures in order to prevent temperature and pressure spikes and variations. Light grey 15mm thick protection mat has been used to cover up full pipe string. Dealing with the heat was the biggest challenge throughout the whole project,“ says Aleksandr Vysockij, Project Manager.

During the final stage, the pipes were coated and lowered into the trench. MT Group managed to complete overall tie-in works a few days before the contractual deadline, which means Pipeline Operator Elering could continue with the flow and pressure sooner than expected.