In early spring 2021 MT Group concluded a contract for manufacturing and installation of steam boiler plant to a paper mill in Austria. The project is now officially completed, 2 weeks ahead of the contract deadline.

The project was implemented in cooperation with MT Group’s sister company Nord Steel – manufacturer of steel structures and products for industry. In total, more than 100t of steel production was manufactured by Nord Steel: air combustion ducts, flue gas ducts, SCR reactor, combustion air heat exchangers and other equipment. After the production stage, MT Group took over for the installation works.

“Another successfully completed project in Austria makes me proud of our team which experienced new and interesting installation challenges on the way. Under the leadership of the construction manager Andrius Sadauskas, they managed to deliver excellent results,” says Rasa Kligė, Director of Installation Projects.

In cooperation with sister company Nord Steel, manufacturer of steel structures and products for industry, MT Group offers full installation services. The demand for such services is growing, therefore MT Group is strengthening and expanding the team and aiming for further growth.