MT Group successfully completed the most critical part of most of the piping projects – the tie-in works at the Vievis GDS. This was part of an ongoing project with Amber Grid, the National Gas Transmission System Operator, for the reconstruction of three gas distribution stations in Lithuania.

The tie-in process requires intense effort and round-the-clock work, as everything must be done while the gas flow is temporarily suspended and there is no room for variations from the plan. Countless tests and extreme focus on site were required, making for an intense Easter period. A big shout-out to the Project team!

The newly built Vievis GDS has been successfully connected to the main gas grid, and the golden welds have been thoroughly verified. Coating works have commenced, and the system has been filled with gas at an operational pressure of 40 bar. Final checks on the operation of gas metering and control systems are completed. Spring is the perfect time for outdoor works, including outdoor networks, recultivation and demolishing the existing old GDS.

 This project is part of the National Electricity and Natural Gas Transmission Infrastructure Project Implementation Plan, and MT Group is proud to be a part of this important initiative. Besides Vievis, MT Group is also building two more Gas Distribution Stations in Kėdainiai and Grigiškės.