Two out of three tie-in works have been successfully completed as part of the ongoing project with Amber Grid, the National Gas Transmission System Operator, for the reconstruction of three gas distribution stations in Lithuania.

The latest tie-in at the Grigiškės GDS was completed even faster than planned, following the successful completion of tie-in works at the Vievis GDS in mid-April. The newly built gas pipeline and GDS has been successfully connected to the existing main gas grid (operated by Amber Grid) and distribution pipeline (Operated by ESO), and the golden welds have been thoroughly verified.

The newly connected gas pipeline and GDS station are fully functional, including overall systems of telemetry, process control and automation, heating boilers, odorization and other systems. MT Group is proud of the hard work and dedication of the project team who executed the work flawlessly.

With two GDSs completed, only one remains – the Kėdainiai GDS. The team is excited to bring the project to completion and to continue our contribution to the National Electricity and Natural Gas Transmission Infrastructure Project Implementation Plan.