MT Group has been working on many projects that are strategically significant, influential and game changing. Construction of permanent liquefied natural gas regasification station in Druskininkai was not only challenging technically, but also extremely responsible in terms of its purpose.

By constructing the permanent fully automated and independent liquefied natural gas regasification station, Druskininkai ensured its energy independence. This is the first and so far the only such station in Lithuania that serves the whole city. Executing pilot projects is always exciting for MT Group – taking responsibility for something that was never done before is a way to stay in front of the competition.

MT Group executed station engineering, procurement, equipment supply and construction works, as well as took care of the necessary infrastructure installation and commissioning works. After the completion of construction works, MT Group engineers had also organized trainings for the station staff and provided constant assistance before and after the launch of the station.

Druskininkai LNG Regasification Station was designed to meet the future needs and prospects as the demand for gas increases over time. For this reason, additional foundations, pipelines and all other necessary infrastructure was built so that future adjustments could be handled as easily as possible.

The permanent liquefied natural gas regasification station has volume of 80 m3 and the NG evaporation rate of 2.500 nm3/h. In the future it can be upgraded accordingly to 160 m3 and 4.500 nm3/h.

Thanks to a project team and equipment suppliers, the station of this size was implemented in the shortest time period possible.

This station opened a new stage and brought positive changes for all users of natural gas grid in Druskininkai – it safeguarded reliability and safety of gas supply since the distribution network of natural gas is no longer connected to the noncompetitive natural gas pipeline from Belarus. The town is now receiving gas from the suppliers, who offer the most competitive prices, similarly to the users in entire country.