Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become inevitable part of modern companies: whether it’s business compliance with internationally acknowledged standards, efforts to minimize environmental footprint or regular donations supporting the ones in greater need.

For the past few years MT Group has been actively demonstrating a social conscience by supporting various local communities in Lithuania: from financially vulnerable families to NGO’s that help children with medical conditions or lonely elderly.

Every donation becomes more powerful when it’s personal. Therefore, each year MT Group invites everyone from the team to become personally involved in company’s CSR initiatives. This initiative was started back in 2012 and became a strong part of company’s internal culture.

“We wanted MT Group CSR initiatives arise from our people, not the management. For this reason, every year we invite our team to freely choose what organizations, initiatives, families or individuals should be supported on behalf of our company. It is very rewarding to hear the stories and positive feedback both from the people we help and our team members. At the same time, the colleagues get to know each other better, as well as learn about various new organizations and their important missions to force good in our communities,” says Simonas Kunickas, CEO of MT Group.

In 2020, members of MT Group formed 10 groups to implement support initiatives, usually geographically located in the regions where MT Group implements its projects. Every group received a budget to be spent for a good cause.

Donations cover many different areas and needs: from providing a financial support to crisis management centers to buying physical goods for vulnerable families. A dolphin therapy for a kid with autism syndrome, apartment repair for a single mother of a large family, Christmas goods for lonely elderly – these are just a few examples of how MT Group contributes to local communities and gives personal attention to people finding themselves in challenging situations.

The most important way of helping others is by showing personal kindness and attention. Let’s spread the good around!