MT Group has just got 3 new projects on its to do list: reconstruction of new gas distribution stations (GDS) are planned in Kedainiai, Vievis and Grigiskes municipalities. Reconstruction works of existing high pressure gas networks and engineering communication systems will be performed under the same contracts.  MT Group will execute these three projects for a total value of 7.6 million euro (excl. VAT) and intends to complete the works in Summer of next year.

“In terms of technological complexity, ambitious time schedule and current market environment the projects are quite challenging,” says Kristina Norvaisiene, Executive Director MT Group.

Projects have been initiated to ensure the reliability and safety of the main gas pipelines, assess the existing and future gas flows and modernize the gas distribution stations by introducing the equipment with the optimal capacity. ”The obvious benefits of the projects can already be foreseen – operating costs will be optimized and consumers will be provided with a reliable gas supply that meets the required parameters,” adds the Executive Director of MT Group.

At the current Kedainiai GDS, all technological equipment is out of date, therefore, after the reconstruction and commissioning of the new station, the existing infrastructure will be dismantled and utilized. A new gas distribution building with main and distribution gas pipeline will be built in the territory of the currently operating Vievis GDS, the existing infrastructure will be reconstructed and partly dismantled and utilized. A new two gas distribution stations will be built in the territory of the current Grigiskes GDS, the existing infrastructure will be reconstructed, some of it dismantled and utilized. The station will be connected to the existing gas pipeline networks.

According to K. Norvaisiene, despite the extremely challenging conditions for the materials supply in the construction market, technological equipment and equipment for station automation were ordered on time and are expected to be delivered without delay: ”We have a wide experience in natural gas infrastructure development projects, so we are confident that we will be able to tackle and overcome the challenges and finalize the project in a bit more than a year.”

Works of the aforementioned projects are inseparable but separate projects. The objects are in different municipalities and the works will be carried out according to separate construction permits, in addition, projects include different scope in all three projects.

All automation works will be executed by MT Group long-term partner UAB Elsis TS.

The reconstruction of Vievis, Kedainiai and Grigiskes GDS projects are the part of the National Electricity and Natural Gas Transmission Infrastructure Project Implementation Plan and are implemented by the national Gas Transmission System Operator Amber Grid.