The modernization of the gas metering station in Kiemenai executed by a Lithuanian company MT Group (hereinafter referred to as the Kiemenai GMS) is gaining momentum. Station design has been completed and reconstruction works have commenced. The Kiemenai GMS project is a part of the strategic project Enhancement of Latvia-Lithuania interconnection ELLI which has been developed by the Lithuanian gas transmission system operator Amber Grid. It will increase the energy transmission capacity between Lithuania and Latvia, enhance the security of supply and ensure the competitiveness in the gas market.

Given the importance of the Kiemenai GMS project in the context of the energy independence of Baltic states, MT Group has committed to complete all major works earlier than stipulated in the contract – despite the increasingly unfavourable conditions of the supply of materials worldwide.

“The implementation of this project is important not only in the context of the energy independence of Lithuania but also of the Baltic States. Therefore, we are determined to complete all major reconstruction works earlier than required by the provisions of the contract with Amber Grid.” emphasizes Kristina Norvaisienė, the Executive Director of MT Group.

Kiemenai GMS design works are completed and reconstruction works are being carried out: “Old equipment was dismantled, station building structures were taken apart, temporary switches for engineering communications are being installed in order to carry out construction works without interrupting the gas supply to Latvia”, – K. Norvaisiene reviews the latest work progress.

The major part of the general construction works have already been completed: “The foundations have been installed and the metal structures of the building are being manufactured; we are planning to install them in May. The fire fighting tanks and supports for the technological equipment shall be erected by the middle of June and the installation of the gas technological equipment itself should start in July” – says K. Norvaisiene.

Although the conditions for the supply of many materials in the construction market are extremely hindered, all the most important technological equipment and machinery for the station automation were ordered on time and are expected to arrive without any delays.

Kiemenai GMS is part of the strategic energy project ELLI, which aims to increase energy transmission capacity between Lithuania and Latvia and ensure the leap of the gas market to the next level of competitiveness. With the implementation of ELLI, the natural gas transmission capacity between the two countries will approximately double, which will enable Latvia to meet its natural gas supply needs by receiving gas from the Klaipeda LNG terminal.

All major reconstruction works are expected to be completed by the end of this year, and the entire ELLI project by 2023.