Jolanta Slavinskienė, who was previously responsible for leading the Supply Department at MT Group, became the Commercial Director effective from 22 January.

In 2017 J. Slavinskienė joined MT Group as a Supply Officer. After several years of ambitious growth and excellent performance she was promoted to Senior Supply Manager. Today J. Slavinskienė is a respected oil and gas industry professional who has just joined the main team of MT Group management.

„I am grateful for the whole team for leading me into the new sector from the very beginning. The trust and encouragement gave me a chance to learn every day, aim more and work with an ambitious devotion. I think the trust from the management and hard work are key factors in order to pursue career ambitions,” says Jolanta Slavinskiene, the new Commercial Director at MT Group.

Asked to mention what are the most exciting parts of her job, Jolanta said that it’s probably the fact that it’s full of all kinds of challenges and fun. „Our team is constantly finding itself in non-standard situations and there is a great satisfaction when we are able to manage them successfully,“  Jolanta ads.