MT Group donated Eur 25,000 to organizations currently helping Ukraine in defense and humanitarian efforts. Half of the donation will reach the NGO Blue/Yellow, the other half will be transferred to the Lithuanian Red Cross.

“We stand by Ukraine and hope they can remain strong. This fight reflects core values that we have huge compassion for: freedom, national identity and democratic governance. We wish strength to all people in Ukraine and commit to remain involved in relief efforts during such difficult times. Our hearts are with you!” says Simonas Kunickas, General Manager at MT Group.

NGO Blue/Yellow supports Ukraine, its Armed Forces, and the civil population in Donbass area since 2014. Blue/Yellow is founded in Lithuania, Baltic States but has established a wide network of friends and partners, in Ukraine and internationally.

Lithuanian Red Cross is a non-governmental organization that belongs to the International Red Cross Movement active in 191 countries. Its activities include social and medical care, legal and social assistance for refugees, asylum seekers, migrants, humanitarian aid, and more.

MT Group also encourages and supports its employees in contributing to helping Ukraine and its people in any way that helps.

We stand with Ukraine!