Since MT Group is a Lithuanian company, it is always a pleasure to contribute to our country’s energy projects. Currently MT Group is preparing to enter the third stage of modernizing Lithuania’s gas transmission system under the contract with Lithuanian gas transmission system operator Amber Grid.

The essence of this project is what could be described as daily nature of MT Group’s work, however, in terms of its scope and timeframe this contract is really exceptional. It covers 51 separate main line valves of various size with their infrastructure and lasts 4 years in total. The contract worth EUR 10.8 mln Eur is being executed in several phases and will be fully completed by Q3, 2022.

Project will contribute to the modernization and development of the main gas pipelines operated by Amber Grid, ensuring efficiency, safety and remote management. During the execution of the contract, 51 main line valves will undergo modernization including the deployment of remote control.

MT Group is responsible for installation of operative technological control of the main gas pipeline and replacement of closing devices. Company also manages and implements reconstruction of sites including design and technological scope all the way until the final completion, testing, commissioning and start-up.

MT Group will perform all required completion works and arrange the acceptance by the state authorities. This is one of the many projects where MT Group holds a position of EPC Contractor covering all project stages from engineering to procurement and construction.