Proven experience in manufacturing and erection of steel structures for various industry sectors led MT Group to signing a contract with the main supplier for steam boiler plant to Norske Skog’s Paper Mill.

MT Group is a member of the group of companies together with Nord Steel, a manufacturer of all kinds of steel structures for heavy industry. Having in-house expertise in steel structures prefabrication allows MT Group to acquire complex projects, where steel structures are manufactured by Nord Steel and erected by MT Group. This project is one of those when two companies work hand in hand.

The steam boiler at Norske Skog’s Paper Mill features a robust and integrated concept consisting of a gas-fired superheater for final steam superheating, baghouse filter for primary pollution control, SCR system for NOx reduction, combustion air humidifier as well as a condensing scrubber for heat production and final emission reduction.

In total, more than 100 t of steel production was manufactured by Nord Steel: combustion air ducts, flue gas ducts, SCR reactor, cyclones, combustion air heat exchangers and other equipment. MT Group is now getting ready to start installation works on site. All items will be seamlessly integrated together to serve the mill’s targets. Works shall be completed in autumn 2021.