Nearing the final stage of modernizing Lithuania’s gas transmission system under the contract with Lithuanian gas transmission system operator Amber Grid.

The project covers 51 separate main line valves of various sizes (DN100-DN1000, design pressure of 54 bar) with their infrastructure to be replaced in four years’ time. Currently, 49 valves are already replaced. The remaining two valves were due to be completed this year, however, because of the demanding and complicated location, the final completion date was pushed forward to the third quarter of 2023. The total value of the project is over EUR 9 million excluding. VAT.

Each valve was a standalone construction object located in different parts of Lithuania – we had a separate authorization procedure and all the paperwork for organizing and implementing works. Finally, arranging the acceptance by the state authorities was also separate for each valve.

This is one of the many projects where MT Group holds the position of EPC Contractor covering all project stages from engineering to all materials and equipment procurement and construction. Our team is responsible for the design, construction of the main pipeline valve stations and access roads as well as the installation of power supply and remote control (SCADA) equipment.

There were many challenges on the way as usual – some of the work had to be done at very tight deadlines while the gas supply through pipelines was temporarily suspended, and a crisis in the supply chain constantly challenged our ability to work quickly and efficiently. We were only able to order valves from AG-approved manufacturers, each one being tailor-made to order.

Luckily, we have a strong track record with our client Amber Grid, and we are very good at finding solutions to even the most complex situations together.