We are proud to announce that after several months of hard work the DN500 pipeline of 1.814m length has been successfully pulled in underground through an HDD hole under the river Oder in Poland. This is the record breaking HDD crossing from length point of view in Poland history and the first HDD intersect in Poland.

This project is of key importance to Świnoujście-Szczecin Fairway modernisation which aims to deepen and widen the fairway. Therefore, an old pipeline had to be removed and underground pipeline using HDD method has been installed. Great job is done. Time to move forward and get this high pressure gas pipeline connected to Polish gas grid safely.

HDD or Horizontal Directional Drilling is a way to lay pipelines by a trenchless technology and has become more and more preferable method of pipeline installation. It is way more environmentally friendly and leaves as little as possible footprint on its’ way.

Special thanks to our joint venture partner Horizontal Drilling International S.A.S. for great cooperation and Gaz-Syztem S.A. for trusting our experience.