Earlier this year, MT Group signed a project to manufacture and erect duct equipment for a steam boiler plant (Austria). The contract is being implemented by MT Group, working hand in hand with another group company – steel manufacturer Nord Steel.

In total, more than 100t of steel production was manufactured by Nord Steel: air combustion ducts, flue gas ducts, SCR reactor, combustion air heat exchangers and other equipment. Over the last few months, MT Group has been working on-site – taking care of the installation part of the project.

“We have just finished the most challenging part where we had to install two 21t weight, 16m height cyclones, that had to be erected in 22 m above the ground. In addition to its impressive measures, the lift had to be completely vertical making the task even more delicate. Luckily, everything went well, the cyclones are now in place, ready to be launched” says Simonas Kunickas, General Manager of MT Group.

There are other physical activities on the construction site that are not directly related to heavy installation works – the whole construction area is large, therefore a great part of the staff brought bicycles, scooters and other two-wheeled vehicles to improve and speed up mobility around the object. Practical and healthy!

The project is being implemented according to the schedule. The steam boiler plant will be fully erected and functional by the end of August 2021.