MT Group has finished the construction works of the gas metering building at Kiemėnai GMS (Lithuania). The roof, walls, windows, doors and gates are in place and the piping inside and outside of the building is painted.

Work is progressing intensively on the installation of cable trays inside and around the building. Automation and electrical systems are being installed and will be fully completed by mid-October.  The chromatograph house is transferred to its permanent location, and a new transfer line has been installed. Intensive landscaping work is ongoing. All welding and insulation works are completed, and the strength and leak testing of the valves are carried out as well. The valve assemblies will be welded into the main gas pipeline during October. The works are being carried out in cooperation with the Lithuanian natural gas transmission system operator Amber Grid.

This contract is a part of the strategic ELLI (Enhancement of Latvia-Lithuania interconnection) project, which will increase energy transmission capacities between Lithuania and Latvia and ensure the gas market leap to a different level of competitiveness. Upon completion of all the planned works, the capacity of the Kiemėnai gas metering station will increase to 130.47 GWh/day in the Latvian direction (currently 67.6 GWh/day) and 119.5 GWh/day in the Lithuanian (currently 65.1 GWh/day).