Every year on June 5, the United Nations commemorates World Environment Day to encourage environmental awareness and action across the world. Being a part of the energy and heavy industry sectors MT Group is embracing the responsibility to strive for environmental solutions in all and every project.

Green solutions are encoded in MT Group’s DNA since more than 80 % of the company’s projects are related to natural gas infrastructure – the most environmentally friendly form of energy so far.

„As a company, operating in numerous European countries for more than a decade, we have seen a lot of positive changes in terms of environmental protection. The whole energy sector is shifting towards more sustainable energy resources, challenging businesses to keep up with ambitious environmental goals. Energy infrastructure projects aiming to minimize environmental footprint are becoming more important every year. It is always a pleasure to contribute to the industrial transition to greener solutions” says Simonas Kunickas, General Manager of MT Group.

Clean energy is our future, therefore it’s just a matter of little time when natural gas infrastructure shifts to hydrogen – zero-carbon fuel burned with oxygen. MT Group is ready to lead the way and contribute to rewriting the European energy grid.

Our key steps towards environmental protection:

  • Introducing up-to-date solutions that are beneficial to environmental protection
  • Producing green power
  • Choosing business positioning directed to environmental projects
  • Minimizing hazardous waste in every production and construction processes
  • Saving natural environment on every construction site
  • Encouraging employees to choose the environmentally friendly lifestyle
  • Sorting waste for recycling or utilization in the construction sites and our offices
  • Setting high standards for our subcontractors and suppliers