Rasa Kligė, who was previously holding the role of Project and Supervision Manager, became the Director of Installation Projects effective from September 2021.

„It‘s always a great pleasure to see how our team members are growing professionally without changing the company. MT Group is a fast-growing ambitious company that has many career opportunities for every engineering-minded professional. Rasa is a devoted and highly experienced construction expert with brave ideas, unlimited motivation and can-do attitude. I am looking forward to celebrating her further achievements at MT Group,” says Simonas Kunickas, CEO of MT Group

Rasa Kligė joined MT Group back in 2019 when she was recently returned from several years of living and working in France where she had led major projects in a construction company. Before that, she worked in several Lithuanian construction companies and was a part of well-known projects such as Klaipeda sports and entertainment center Švyturio Arena and others.

In her new role, Rasa Kligė will be responsible for installation projects. In cooperation with sister company Nord Steel, manufacturer of steel structures and products for industry, MT Group has started to offer full installation services. The demand for such services is growing, therefore R. Kligė is expanding her team and aiming for further growth.

“I appreciate the trust and opportunity to create more value for the company. Both myself and the management of the company recognized the potential of the activities that I have been managing for the last few years at MT Group and it was natural to take this part of the business to the next level,” says Rasa Kligė, the newly appointed Director of Installation projects.

Rasa, your story sounds very inspiring! What is your career recipe for success?

First, you need to choose an activity that your heart and mind love. Bring responsibility, diligence, undying passion into your work. Keep growing and learning not only in your field of activity but expand your knowledge in other areas too, as it helps you to have a more global perspective.

What about your free time, if there’s any left? What are your favorite activities to keep your mind off work?

My greatest passion has always been reading. I have a huge library, which is constantly being updated with new books – business, psychology, fiction.

My second biggest passion at the moment is painting – standing at the easel makes me rest or rethink some work-related questions. Over the past two years, I have participated in 2 joint exhibitions, donated couple of my works to the Family Home for children with cancer and their relatives, founded by Moms Union. It’s nice to know that some of my works are hanging in Vilnius restaurants.

A couple of years ago I got my dream dog Corgi Berry – we are spending our free time together. She is well socialized and takes part in all company’s team building events, Berry also helps out at the MT Group office – lifting the team spirit with her enthusiasm and energy.