Right before the summer season of 2020 MT Group completed one of its most spectacular projects of all time – Palanga beach replenishment with imported sand. As a result, more than 270 000 m3 of sand was brought and distributed across 2,38 km shoreline of the beach, located in the most popular seaside resort of Lithuania.

The sand was dredged by a specific vessel from the sand borrow located in the Baltic sea nearby, transported over the distance of 60 km to Palanga and pumped ashore through the pipeline.

Assembly and welding of the specific pipe that is resistant to abrasive sand flow was a key part of the preparation process – it had to be 1,2 km long with a diameter of DN900 and a wall thickness of 22 mm.

The imported sand was used to fill two sections of the coast – from Birutė Hill to the Palanga Bridge and from Palanga Bridge to the estuary of Rąžė river. Once the sand was pumped ashore from the vessel, it was spread and leveled according to the required altitudes. After the completion of works, the entire beach reached a width of 70 meters.

Last time Palanga beach nourishment works were executed in 2012. Done due to natural erosion, caused by sea storms, wind and recreational infrastructure, this procedure has to be done regularly.

The project was implemented by MT Group working together with its valued partner, Belgian maritime construction company Jan De Nul.