A 15-year-old tradition! Each December, we extend our support to those whose lives haven’t been all smooth sailing. Our charity projects in Lithuania and beyond have helped people facing a variety of hardships, with a total of more than €86,000 donated so far. This year, the charity fund was split between 5 teams.

The teams were free to choose where to allocate their donation budget. One team chose to help a family struggling with a serious illness of one of their two children. We also reached out to a family of seven children in need, and helped a crisis center that supports highly intelligent and accomplished individuals who have stumbled in life. We also helped a family of five children by giving them a stove and an oven, and we fulfilled the wish of an orphan by buying her a dream bed. We also purchased shoes, food, a refrigerator – anything that would make our heroes’ daily lives a little easier, if only for a short while.

Our primary objective remains to personalize our donations – tailored to specific families or even individuals. We firmly believe that personalized attention constitutes the most crucial aspect of every donation.

We hope for a Happy New Year for as many people as possible.